Values and behaviours

We pride ourselves on our compassionate culture, which is underpinned by 3 values and 4 compassionate behaviours.


we care for our patients and colleagues by showing respect and compassion.


we actively listen to better meet the needs of our patients and colleagues.


we strive to excel through learning, and we expect our colleagues to do and be the best they can.

Our behaviours

We are attentive to our patients and colleagues, which means we:

Attend to others’ needs

We are attentive to our patients and colleagues, which means we:

  • welcome and introduce ourselves to everyone we meet
  • give you our full attention when we communicate, and acknowledge your perspective
  • listen and respond accordingly when you explain, challenge or ask us something
  • say thank you and recognise everybody’s contributions
Understand one another

We are understanding of our patients and colleagues, which means we:

  • check we both understand each other, and that you feel listened to
  • invite feedback on what could be better, remaining open to discussion and other views
  • offer flexibility to different communication needs and give you time to express yourself
  • seek to understand what matters to others and respect different priorities
Show empathy and compassion

We show empathy and compassion to our patients and colleagues, which means we:

  • behave respectfully, kindly and treat others fairly
  • act with care towards others and try to understand without judgement
  • encourage and support others to make suggestions on how we can improve

  • always try to make a positive difference

Help by taking action

We are helpful to our patients and colleagues, which means we:

  • offer support and encouragement

  • take action when someone needs help

  • take responsibility and reflect on actions and behaviours to help us improve

  • call out unlawful discrimination, bullying or harassment, and support anyone who experiences it

Behaviours we do not accept

Unacceptable behaviours undermine our compassionate culture, and reduce our ability to maintain a happy, healthy organisation.

We expect everyone in our Trust to act with civility, kindness and compassion, because it saves patients’ lives:

  • do not bully, harass or unlawfully discriminate
  • do not act dishonesty
  • do not disrespect others, ignore your right to privacy and confidentiality, or your ability to make your own choices
  • do not behave rudely, aggressively or dismissively
  • do not knowingly allowing someone to fail or make a mistake if it could cause harm to them or others